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DB Wholesale CBD Industries has been in the Hemp and CBD industry for over seven years. During this time, we have seen the popularity of CBD multiply in both the consumer market as well medical field. We are proponents of healthy and natural alternatives for pain relief. As a family business, our goal to help spread the word on the benefits associated with CBD and Hemp. We are giving access to high-quality products easier.
Our website serves as a one-stop-shop for Hemp-Derived CBD-related products for both retail and wholesale customers. Besides representing some of the most notable names in the CBD market. DB Wholesale is also the exclusive distributor for several brands of CBD products. We offer retail stores the ability to log into our website portal and access wholesale pricing on our entire inventory. The ease of use, coupled with our no minimum model, allows small to medium-sized operations the flexibility to try new product lines and order in smaller batches. Our approach allows smaller retail stores the ability to carry a wide range of products. We are allowing them to compete with more extensive operations at the lowest cost possible without having to take a large inventory.


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